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2014 Guru Purnima Sri Pada Puja and Celebration

Guru Purnima is the most important time of the year for receiving the blessings of holy people.  Blessings received during this time are equal to the blessings received during the entire rest of the year.

In honor of Guru Purnima, this year we will celebrate the divinity, grace and abundant blessings from Amma on Sunday, July 13 in Dallas, TX.

The program will include a cultural performance, Amma's divine discourse and bhajans. We will also have an opportunity to celebrate Amma’s Divine Being through the ever sacred Sri Pada Puja to Amma’s lotus feet.

According to India's venerable rishis, cosmic energy flows through the human body, entering through the crown chakra and leaving through the feet. This is the reason why so much importance is given to the holy lotus feet of God, one's guru, or any holy person. The guru becomes a channel for tremendous cosmic energy, which is available to all through the guru's lotus feet. Thus, honoring the guru at this time of year is most auspicious. Cosmic energy flows from the guru's feet in abundance.

Amma has touched the lives of countless people in her incarnation, leaving devotees overflowing with bliss and tremendous gratitude. You are cordially invited to join us in our celebration of appreciation to our beloved Amma.



The Guru Purnima Celebration will be held at:


Crowne Plaza Hotel (Downtown Dallas)

1015 Elm Street

Dallas, TX 75202

(214) 742-5678


Guru Purnima Weekend Meditation Retreat

This year, Amma's grace flows abundantly with opportunities to serve, meditate, and receive spiritual blessings. The Guru Purnima Chakra Cleansing Retreat is a truly unique event that teaches practices previously given by Amma only at her ashram in India.

Amma will again be blessing us with shaktipath transmission during the retreat.

To register for the Guru Purnima retreat, please click here.

Early Registration ends July 1 - Register Now!


Schedule & Location

The 2014 Guru Purnima

Sri Pada Puja and Celebration will be held at the

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Downtown Dallas, Texas

at 4pm

on Sunday, July 13


Event Flyer


Guru Purnima Weekend Meditation Retreat

July 11, 12 & 13


Click here for further details



(972) 814-1338


(817) 682-1488

Sri Pada Puja - Sponsorship

Sri Pada Puja prasad is an enduring spiritual treasure. Anyone can sponsor the Sri Pada Puja and receive the prasad, whether you are present at Guru Purnima or are not able to join us for the event itself.

Guru Purnima Sri Pada Puja Sponsorship Form
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"Come one step toward me, and I will come a thousand steps toward you." ~ Amma

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