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Guru Purnima Weekend Meditation Retreat

Dallas, Texas
July 11 - 13, 2014


You are invited to join Amma for a very special meditation retreat in Dallas, Texas prior to the Guru Purnima celebration. This will provide an opportunity to set aside your day-to-day concerns, forgo ordinary conversations by maintaining silence, and dive deep into the ocean of the Self within - all in Amma's divine presence.

Amma understands the many distractions and difficulties we sometimes face when we try to meditate. Accordingly, she has designed the retreats in a special way. As Amma says, “Silence is the language of God.” In this way, we receive the maximum spiritual benefit from the meditations, divine discourses, and chanting. As Amma teaches, it is only when we look within through meditation that we find the true presence of Divine Mother deep within our inner hearts. 


Chakra Cleansing Techniques

During the retreat Amma will teach Chakra Cleansing practices previously only available to those who could travel to her ashram in India. Out of intense spiritual compassion, she is now bringing these powerful Chakra Cleansing practices to the United States.


Shaktipath, Divine Radiance Transmission

Amma will once again be giving Shaktipath transmision during this retreat. Amma will place her hand on each participant's head during meditation and transmit her divine radiance.

Shaktipath is an extremely powerful spiritual gift to receive from Amma. It will help one's spiritual progress with an added boost, to awaken the Kundalini Shakti, which is the presence of the Divine Mother in the form of profound inner spiritual energy.


The Guru Purnima Meditation Retreat Weekend will be held at:

Crowne Plaza® Hotel (Downtown Dallas)

1015 Elm Street,

Dallas, TX 75202


(214) 742-5678



Retreat Schedule, Fees & How to Register

Retreat registration will begin on Friday, July 11 at 8:00 a.m. The schedule will include orientation, lunch, meditation and shaktipath until 6:00 p.m.

The retreat will resume on Saturday, July 12 with meditation beginning at 8:00 a.m. The rest of the day will include periods of meditation, meals, shaktipath and Amma's divine discourses until 6:00 p.m.

Sunday's retreat will begin with meditation at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 12 noon followed by lunch.

The Guru Purnima Celebration will begin at 4:00 p.m.

Note: Times are subject to change.


Three Day Sessions

1) Full Three Day Retreat Only:

    $251 (Until July 1)           $275 (From July 1)

2) Full Three Day Retreat and Hotel* with Private Room:

    $542 (Until July 1)        $567 (From July 1)**

3) Full Three Day Retreat and Hotel* with Shared Room:

    $399 (Until July 1)        $424 (From July 1)**


* Hotel room nights included in package are for 7/10, 7/11 and 7/12 only. To book additional room nights at $99 (plus tax) per night, please contact the Dallas Guru Purnima Organizers directly at (972) 814-1338, or

** Due to the limited availability of hotel rooms during peak periods, the registration deadline for the three day session retreat and hotel packages is July 1. Subject to room availability, the fees will increase after July 1. Please register early to guarantee room availability.


Early Registration deadline for the retreat only sessions is also July 1.


One Day Sessions

1) Friday, July 11:

   $125 (Until July 1),          $140 (From July 1)

2) Saturday, July 12:

   $125 (Until July 1),          $140 (From July 1)

3) Sunday, July 13 (Half-Day)

   $75 (Until July 1),            $100 (From July 1)

Please register by downloading and mailing the registration form below, or registering online.

We will acknowledge all completed registration forms as we receive them and send a confirmation letter with more information, including guidelines on what to wear and bring to the retreat.

Please note:

~ Children under 17 years old need special permission to attend the retreat.

~ Amma does not grant personal interviews during meditation retreats.


Space is limited at the retreat, so please register early.


Online Retreat Registration:

Three Day Sessions

1) Guru Purnima Full Three Day Retreat Only


2) Guru Purnima Full Three Day Retreat and Hotel w/ Private     Room Package


3) Guru Purnima Full Three Day Retreat and Hotel w/ Shared       Room Package




One Day Sessions

1) Guru Purnima Retreat (One Day - Friday, July 11)


2) Guru Purnima Retreat (One Day - Saturday, July 12)


3) Guru Purnima Retreat (Half Day - Sunday, July 13)


Registration form to mail or fax:

Guru Purnima Retreat Registration Form.pdf


(Adobe Acrobat PDF File - requires free reader) 

  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download)




Area Airports:


Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

Distance: 10.0 mile(s) SE to Hotel


Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Distance: 17 mile(s) S to Hotel



Please Note: A customized shuttle service will be available to / from DFW Airport for retreat participants on the primary arrival

(Thursday, July 10) and departure (Monday, July 14) dates.

Service schedule details will be posted shortly.



Taxi Service: $45 one way fare




On-site parking, fee: $14 daily




Other Transportation


Local Public Transit:

DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transport) - West End Station

Distance: 0.01 MI/0.02 KM SOUTH to Hotel

Bus Station: Greyhound - Distance: 0.2 mile(s) NE

Train Station: AMTRAK / Dallas Station - Distance: 0.5 miles(s) NE

Jai_Karunamayi Yahoo Groups

By clicking on the link

you can access the blog to post questions, suggestions, ask for information, rides, roommates, etc.

To become a member click on the "JOIN THIS GROUP" button on the home page.

NOTE: The group is moderated to protect against spam and also to ensure that all posts are in harmony with Amma's teachings on honesty, respect, and kind speech.

2014 Guru Purnima

Retreat Registration

Please register by downloading and mailing the registration form, or registering online.

(See information below under 'How to Register')

We will acknowledge all completed registration forms as we receive them and send a confirmation letter with more information, including guidelines on what to wear and bring to the retreat.



Guru Purnima

Sri Pada Puja and Celebration

will be
in Dallas, TX

Sunday, July 13

Click here for details


Event Flyer

"Drench yourself in Divine Devotion." ~ Amma

Sri Pada Puja Sponsorship

Guru Purnima Sri Pada PujaSponsorship Form


Contact Information

(972) 814-1338


(817) 682-1488






























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