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Spiritual Discourse
& Darshan


Each city welcomes Amma in a unique and special way
by hosting the spiritual discourse and darshan program.
It is also Amma's way of greeting the community and celebrating the loving bonds she has developed with
people in so many communities across the United States and throughout the world. Often held in churches, temples, and other public facilities, this program is a wonderful introduction to Amma, her divine presence, and profound spiritual wisdom.

Darshan Hall

Amma joyfully greets people attending the program as she enters the hall. At Guru Purnima, a cultural presentation is part of the evening's events.

Amma often receives proclamations from various cities in recognition for her charitable work. Pictured below are proclamations she has just been presented with. Amma gives her divine discourse after a brief period of meditation for world peace. The subjects include the spiritual and philosophical, as well as practical advice on developing inner purity, compassion, and how to live one's spiritual life dedicated to serving society.

Our beloved Amma gives a talk

Amma Sri Karunamayi

Darshan takes place at the conclusion of the program, and is a special time to receive the personal touch and blessings from Amma. This healing touch purifies the mind and heart, and awakens the cosmic energy within us. Sometimes people bring their pets which Amma enjoys meeting, due to her intense unconditional love for all beings.

Darshan Touch

Pictured below, Amma greets people as she leaves the hall. The unique experience of being in Amma's divine presence touches the heart.

Guidelines for All Programs

  • Please wear clean, modest attire that covers the knees and shoulders.
  • Chairs are also provided, but it's best to bring a pillow or blanket if you plan on sitting on the floor.
  • Please turn all beepers and cell phones off or to blink/vibrate mode so that others are not disturbed.
  • Please do not take photos without special permission beforehand. Video and audio-taping are not permitted.

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

May All Be in Peace

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May Everyone Be Happy


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